About LaDee

International Singer, Entertainer, Recording Artist

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What does a keg of dynamite and LaDee Streeter have in common? Answer: The ability to create quite an explosion when ignited.

In LaDee's case, her ignition is her genuine love for singing and performing. Born in North Carolina and reared in Connecticut, LaDee's love affair with singing began in the church choir at a very early age. She was awed by her ability to 'touch' and inspire people through song.

After graduating high school and attending college, LaDee decided to 'spread her wings' to Los Angeles in pursuit of her show biz aspirations. After her arrival, LaDee has performed many venues including nightclubs, restaurants, festivals, casinos, and television shows as a feature artist and background singer.

One special credit include singing background for the legendary Stevie Wonder on his "Hotter Than July" album, particularly on "Happy Birthday" (song instrumental in making Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday a national holiday).

LaDee recorded her debut CD "Introducing..LaDee Streeter" 'live' in California.

International performing credits include 5 star hotels and nightclubs in Auckland, Osaka, Tokyo, Belgium, Shanghai, Bangkok, Dubai, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, and Seoul.

LaDee's singing style consist primarily of Jazz, Blues,& R&B. She can also very effectively deliver dance tunes, selective contemporary hip-hop and pop. Also included is the 'very near and dear to her heart', Gospel.

Her voice embodies a lovely, silky-smooth innocence, yet simultaneously evoking the sultriness of a seasoned veteran. And when the emotion calls for it, she can pack a vocal powerhouse punch!

LaDee is now based in the New York Tri-State area.

"Songs in the Key of LaDee" CD is LaDee’s sophomore released project in which she co-produced.  Her most recently released CD “Jazzy Grooves For The Soul” consists of all Original songs co-written and co-produced by LaDee , under the umbrella of a company she co-owns; Ida Dee Vine Entertainment LLC.

Whether it's an arena filled with thousands, or an intimate setting with just a few friends; as you witness LaDee's performances, recorded or 'live'; be prepared to be entertained. Her audiences are truly important to her.

Relax............ and ENJOY!!



American Jazz and R&B singer Ladee Streeter. From small town choirgirl to backup singer for Stevie Wonder.

“This is a blessing,” says LaDee. “It’s my blessing to be here sitting with you right now.”

It’s the second time I’ve dined with American jazz and R&B singer LaDee Streeter. The first was at the Windsor Plaza Hotel for dim sum. On that occasion, she turned heads in the restaurant when she arrived and made her way across the floor to the table. She has presence and smacks of showbiz.